BT05 Inserted Rares – Conjurer of Mithril & Demonic Dragon Mage, Mahoraga

Conjurer of Mithril & Demonic Dragon Mage, Mahoraga Confirmed as the Inserted Rares for BT05 Awakening of Twin Blades

We thank our loyal customer for sending us this picture of the two promos after he was done with his Awakening of Twin Blades Pre-Release. He wasn’t lucky enough to win the exclusive Kai & Dragonic Overlord the End Playmat. But he was happy he got to play.

If you are having trouble reading the text, their effects are as follows:


Conjurer of Mithril

[Grade 2 - 7000 Power - 5000 Shield]
[Royal Paladin/Elf]

[AUTO]: When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a grade 1 or 2 [Royal Paladin], call it to (RC), and if it is not, shuffle your deck.


Demonic Dragon Mage, Mahoraga

[Grade 1 - 5000 Power - 5000 Shield]

[AUTO] (RC): During your main phase, when an opponent’s rear-guard is put into the drop zone, this unit gets [Power] +5000 until end of turn.

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