Unleash the blazing inferno with VGE-BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed! Witness the awesome power of the *Kagero* [Seal Dragon] faction and bring the battle to the fore with new cards for *Narukami*, *Aqua Force*, *Genesis*, *Angel Feather* and *Tachikaze*!

Each pack contains 5 random cards, 30 packs per box

102 Types of Cards + 12 SP (Parrallel)

  • 8 – Triple Rares (RRR)
  • 12 – Double Rares (RR)
  • 22 – Rares (R)
  • 60 – Commons (C)

*Set also include 2 reprints of Cardfighter’s favorite Units: Seal Dragon Blockade & Emerald Shield, Paschal

BT11 Available: October 25, 2013 – Click HERE to Wishlist your Order now @!

Bonus: Bushiroad has included 16 Deck Boxes in every case of BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed for Cardfighters to enjoy. So with every booster box purchase of BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed, you’ll receive a random Deck Box from below!

Eradicator, Sweep Command Dragon Armor Break Dragon
bt11-006-deckbox bt11-016-deckbox

Blue Flight Dragon, Trans-core Dragon Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel
bt11-007-deckbox bt11-002-deckbox

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  1. Jonathan says:

    YEAH!!! Finally i can get deck boxes from a booster boxes.Damn,so happy.Must get Last Card, Revonn and Solidify celestial,Zerachiel.Trans-core Dragon would be great too.

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