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Royal Paladin Deck Profile

It’s been an interesting month with the English Release of Cardfight! Vanguard and everyone here is excited about the game! From its simple attack/defend power up game play, to its invigorating “chance” mechanic in the form of a trigger system. A culmination of many of today’s greatest card games in one, Cardfight Vanguard has begun capturing the attention of many and growing by the day!

In the coming month, CFV will gain even more momentum with the upcoming release of Set 2: Onslaught of Dragon Souls, and we’ll see exactly how much of a change this will bring to the Meta. But before we jump into the next set, let’s take a step back and take a look at the current Meta created with the launch Set: Descent of the King of Knights and the accompanying Trial Decks that came with it; Blaster Blade and Dragonic Overlord. Currently players can create four (4) different clan decks, those being: Royal Paladin, Kagero, Oracle Thinktank, and Nova Grappler’s.

First of all let’s look at the Royal Paladin Deck, which happens to be the Cardfight! Vanguard Anime’s main character Aichi Sendo’s deck of choice. It has many key features that enable Royal Paladin’s to be an extremely strong deck archetype, focusing primarily on Field Presence and an overall balanced power rating.

We’ll begin with the starting Vanguard from the Trial Deck, “Stardust Trumpeter”. It is a Grade Zero (0) 6,000 power Royal Paladin, although it has no effect, this Normal-Unit serves the key purpose of being the starting vanguard. However many players building advance decks have traded her in for another starting Vanguard, “Barcgal”. Like any starting Vanguard, it is Grade Zero (0) Normal-Unit, but only comes with 4,000 power. It’s a player’s choice because it becomes a Rearguard when it is ridden over by a Royal Paladin, and while in Rearguard position it can call a “Future Knight, Llew” or “Flogal” as another Rearguard from the Deck, definitely a strong starting play for Royal Paladin to have Grade 1 Vanguard and 2 Rearguards with 5 cards left in hand.

After making it to Grade 1, players would want more support other than “Barcgal” and “Llew”, a great card for that is “Lake Maiden, Lien” a 7,000 power Grade 1 Royal Paladin which can Rest allowing you to draw another card for a cost of discarding an unwanted card in hand. She has great utility by serving as a powerful boost and card drawer, and at 7,000 power, she is the strongest Grade 1 available with an effect. Another Grade 1 that makes the list is “Flash Shield, Iseult” a powerful Grade 1 that will probably never hit the Vanguard or Rearguard circle. “Iseult” is a Perfect Guard unit, when sent to the guardian circle and a Royal Paladin is discarded from the hand, it will block ANY attack for one battle. When challenging a Twin Drive!! Unit, there is no need for second guessing whether or not your opponent will flip a trigger, this unit will block the attack in absolute!

Once Grade 1 is done, you’ll elevate your Vanguard to Grade 2. When this occurs there are many choices, from “Blaster Blade”, “Covenant Knight, Randolf” and “Knight of Silence, Gallatin”. However, “Covenant Knight, Randolf” is a card we’ll look at. It is a grade two (2) 8,000 power Royal Paladin, that gets a 3,000 power boost when you attack and have more cards in hand than your opponent, with the added effect he boasts an 11000 ATK by himself, stronger than almost ANY Grade 3 monster! Aichi’s Avatar and a key element in winning any Duel, is “Blaster Blade” standing at Grade 2, 9000 ATK his Ride/Call effect is overpowering and if boosted by Wingal he gains an additional 4000 ATK. This Grade 2 Royal Paladin when called can Counterblast 2 (flip 2 face-up cards in the damage zone) and it will retire any Grade 2 or higher Rearguard. Having trouble against an opponent’s Grade 2 or 3 Rearguard? Call Blaster Blade to the field and destroy it!

The final card we will look at that should be in any Royal Paladin deck is “King of Knights, Alfred”. This Grade 3 Royal Paladin is in my opiniong the Cornerstone of the Royal Paladin deck standing at 10,000 ATK power. “Alfred” although cannot be boosted directly, its is boosted for every friendly Royal Paladin Rearguard on the field. So for every Rearguard controlled, Alfred’s power increases by 2,000 during your turn. By simply having Rearguards on the field, it can grow to a massive 20,000 power, talk about a huge Shield Eater! His Counterblast Effect cost of three (3) allows you to call any Grade Two (2) or less Royal Paladin from the Deck. Yes, Royal Paladin’s have a powerhouse in Alfred and his Effect is seriously dreamy!

Overall, the Royal Paladin’s boast a strong deck that relies on both Field presence and overall power from its Support Units. Player’s hand and field are consistent, thanks in large part to Barcgal’s opening turn play (which can be used multiple times). Furthermore, Blaster Blade makes annoying enemies disappear by retiring any enemy Grade 2 or 3 Rearguard on the field (saving you an extra attack on your opponent’s Vanguard). Finally, “King of Knights, Alfred” makes for a powerful Grade 3 Unit, when on the offensive, can be an overwhelming 20,000 power (with accompanying 5 Rearguards on the field) which still has the Twin Drive!! Luck can sometimes push Alfred’s ATK to 25,000 or even 30,000 power!!!

A perfect deck for the Anime’s main character and any Vanguard player to enjoy in the first set’s release. For those interested a deck recipe in which our Royal Paladin are comfortable in, just look below.

Stay tuned, in our next article I will be covering the next build-able deck in this set, Kagero….

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Want a look at a different deck recipe, just click below...

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  1. howl says:

    No flogal? Does that make Barcgal half as effecient?

    • Tony says:

      Normally Barcgal has 2 main purposes to remain on the field. Turn 1 bring a Flogal, and if on turn 2 you don’t have a Grade 2 in-hand to Ride you can Superior Ride into a Blaster Blade by activating Barcgal’s effect and send a [Flogal] + [Future Knight, Llew] + [Barcgal] to the soul. In the case when you have a Grade 2 and Alfred, King of Knights inhand, I like to fill the field in preparation for the following turn and let Alfred swing for the MAX of 20000 each turn thereafter. Using Barcgal’s effect thereafter becomes obsolete, hopefully you’ll be gaining cards inhand from your twin drive and a drive trigger (if you’re lucky). By turn 4 or 5 you’ll be replacing Barcgal anyway by retiring and callin other Rear Guards like Wingal to boost Blaster Blade or Marron since they’re Boosting at 8000.

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