It’s been rather quiet in the world of Yugioh and Magic the Gathering, so today we’ll be discussing the lineup for the upcoming OCG Cardfight Vanguard products scheduled for April and May, 2012. A literally unknown Card Game less than 3 months ago, and now since their Worldwide introduction of Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights in January and the 2 Trial Decks players around the world are helping spread the TCG like wildfire!

Reports are out that BushiRoad has begun making strategic moves to begin Distribution in the US, and if we don’t see something on main stream Television, the Online Anime Site releases new episodes weekly (usually Friday Evening/Saturday Morning depending on your time zone). Full screen HD versions are also available if you purchase membership.

So this brings us to our topic today, Cardfight Vanguard Set 6: Breaker of Limits is scheduled for release April 28 in Japan. The interesting part is that BushiRoad Intl. has informed their investors a plan to simultaneously release Set 6 Worldwide, or at lastest up to a Month after Japan. Curious that we would see a skip from Set 2 all the way to Set 6!? I’m guessing BushiRoad has some strategic plan in place….

Cardfight Vanguard Set 6: Breaker of Limits

Set Info: 102 Different Cards (RRR x8 / RR x12 / R x22 / C x60) + 12 SP Parallel Cards

Set Highlights: Features 3 New Clans; Gold Paladins, Narukami, and another yet to be announced Clan. Support for popular Clans include Nova Grappler, Granblue, Gold Paldin, Narukami, and 1 other.

Release Date: April 28, 2012


Latest CM7 for Cardfight Vanguard airing in Japan, 2012


Two (2) Brand New Trial Decks

2 new Trial decks are gonna change the Meta this April, ok probably not till we get the full deck support from Set 6, but there’s gonna be some heavy interest when Aichi and Kai’s deck archetype gets an overhaul with “Claws of the Silver Wolf” and “Roar of the Thunder Dragon“!

Not yet spoiled in the Anime we still don’t have any clue as to what kind of Engine this deck runs, I’d guess that this will lead us into a new Arch after Aichi and Company defeat TEAM AL4 in the Finals?! The Idol Group Ultra Rare’s leader will probably end up giving Aichi a magical new deck and this would probably be the Gold Paldins! I’d bet that Kai finds his new deck build by himself as he’s historically found powers through his inherent strength (as he did with Dragonic Overlord The End).

Claw of the Silver Wolf Deck Info: 50-card Constructed Deck. VG-TD05

Set Highlights: Themed after Aichi’s new Gold Paladin themed Units. 18 Different Cards, 8 Exclusive Deck-Only Cards. Find (x1) RRR and (x2) RR cards in each deck.

Release Date: April 21, 2012


Roar of the Thunder Dragon Deck Info: 50-card Constructed Deck. BG-TD06

Set Highlights: Kai’s newfound deck are no longer called Kagero, rather the Narukami are a Super Powered Dragon Race destined for superiority. 18 Different Cards, 8 Exclusive Deck-Only Cards. Find (x1) RRR and (x2) RR cards in each deck.

Release Date: April 21, 2012




Last But Not Least.. VG-EB03 Extra Booster 3

Cavalry Battle of the Black Steel

In Japan most popular Card Games release a special Sub-Booster that contains a smaller set count, usually to focus on special characters’ decks or some sort of special event that may not take place in the actual Anime Series. The 3rd Extra booster is scheduled for Release late May and focuses on some seriously strong units. We don’t have too much details at the moment but I’m sure more info will be released in upcoming months through the BushiRoad site and JUMP Mags in Japan.

A new Skill entitled [LIMIT BREAK] will make it’s debut across all of the upcoming new products. Only certain powerful monsters feature this ability that automatically triggers based on the amount of Counters you have in your damage zone.

Much like Yugioh’s Premium Packs that are sold Early at the V-JUMP Festival, this Extra Booster 3 will see action May 5th and 6th at the Vanguard Festival in Japan.

Cavalry Battle of the Black Steel Info: 35 New Cards

Release Date: Early Release May 5th and 6th @ Vanguard Festival. Japan Release Date: May 26th



All of these items will be available for Pre-Order on your #1 Cardfight Vanguard English & Japanese Source ….

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    Can I buy any card in Ohio ?

    • Tony says:

      Of course you can, it’s best if you order it Online as you can select many different types of shipping options. If you have any ?’s it’s best to either call or email the company with your concerns beforehand. Hope this helps a little :D

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