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Alright folks the time you’ve all been waiting for! November 28, 2011 where we Announce our first contest Winners!!!…

Contest Winner Announcement!


¬†Site Notice: Regarding Discounts. We apologize but due to site coding difficulties to Receive the 10% Discount for Single Cards…



JUMP-EN057 The Supremacy Sun Early Bird Orders Now Available @ Ideal808! Boy it’s getting HOT in here even though it’s…

New Early Bird JUMP Promo! Supremacy Sun


¬†Welcome to – The808Blog – where we strive to bring you the latest news concerning anything Yugioh and Magic the…

Win The808Blog Contest – 3 Winners! Enter Now


  A dear friend of ours has volunteered his services to help TCG players familiarize ourselves with cards from the…

Order of Chaos JPN Spoiler/Translations


The Sequel To The Legendary Invasion of Chaos.. Bring Forth the Order of Chaos The Eternal battle between Light and…

Yugioh Delivers Order of Chaos 01/24/12


Ready to Catch the Shockwave Coming Your Way This Week?! Get ready because we’re about to take off with the…

Yugioh Photon Shockwave Spoiler List

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