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Bushiroad Just Announced a Double Header for Cardfight Vanguard in November!! Extra Booster Set 4: Infinite Phantom Legion and Extra…

Cardfight Vanguard Extra Booster Set 4 & Set 5


It’s Official!! The September 1st Yugioh Banlist Now Posted on Konami’s Website   Card Type Card Name Advanced Format Traditional…

Yugioh Official TCG/OCG Banlist September 1st, 2012


Contents and Details 15 Premium foil cards, including 7 with new art. An exclusive spindown life counter A collector’s guide….

MTG From the Vault: Realms Spoiler


Advance Zone – Secret Rare – REDU-EN088 (1st Edition) Card Type:Continuous Spell Attribute:Spell Card Effect: Once per turn, during the…

Yugioh Return of the Duelist Complete Spoiler List [REDU]


That’s right sometimes we don’t have the time to write full articles on smaller announcements or things that suddenly pop…

Did You Know Ideal808 Does Facebook?!


Stil Vampir – Triple Rare (RRR) – BT03/001EN Grade: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! Shield: 0 Trigger: None Power: 10000…

BT03 Demonic Lord Invasion Spoiler – Cardfight Vanguard

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