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Boros Legion Battalion – Whenever "this creature" and at least two other creatures attack, "this creature" does something. House Dimir…

The Five Guild Mechanics of Gatecrash Revealed


Images are floating around the net today with players from their FNM party pulling a card from the upcoming Gatecrash…

Simic Fluxmage pulled? The new Simic mechanic revealed for Gatecrash!


Starting with BT05 Awakening of Twin Blades, Cardfighters will have an opportunity to participate in a Sneak Preview Booster Draft Tournament a…

Cardfight Vanguard Announces Sneak Preview Booster Draft Tournaments!


Check out an early glimpse of the January FNM Promo of 2013… Okay, its in Portugese so we decided to create an…

January MTG FNM Promo Searing Spear


Release Date: February 22, 2013 Total Cards: 82 + (12 Special Parallel)* Triple Rares: 8 Double Rares: 12 Rares: 22…

BT05: Awakening of Twin Blades Visual Spoiler


Trial Deck 3: Golden Mechanical Soldier Spoiler Gold Rutile – Trial Deck (TD) – TD03/001EN (1 Copy per Deck) Grade:…

TD03: Golden Mechanical Soldier & TD04: Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms Spoiler


Konami Makes Sweet New Yugioh Announcement! 2013 ZeXaL Collection Tin In March 2012, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Premium Collection tins gave…

2013 ZeXaL Collection Tin Announced!


Cosmo Blazer Special Edition Announced! Here is another great offering from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Cosmo Blazer Special Edition give…

Konami Announces Cosmo Blazer Special Edition

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