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Future Card Buddyfight Trial Decks & Boosters releasing January 2014!! BFE-TD01: Dominant Dragons releases January 24, 2014 Enter the fray…

Future Card Buddyfight releasing January 2014!!


Seal Dragons Unleashed Sneak Preview Update: ~ Card BT11/055 has been changed in the English Release of Seal Dragons Unleashed…

Official English Names & Changes for BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed


Legacy of the Valiant – Extra Deck Preview   Number C101: Silent Honors Dark Knight – LVAL-JP046 Number 101: Silent…

Meanwhile in Japan: Legacy of the Valiant & Duelist Set


Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World is on out and we’re looking to buy your extra Joey’s World Singles. CLICK HERE…

LC04: Joey’s World Buylist now updated! Hot buy prices on Sixth Sense, Harpies and more!


Shadow Specter Sneak Peek ~ Ghostrick Ghoul Promo

Shadow Specter Sneak Peek ~ Ghostrick Ghoul

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