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Yugioh Primal Origin Set releases May 16, 2014 Primal Origin is the epic conclusion to the Barian War from Yu-Gi-Oh!…

Yugioh Primal Origin Set releases May 16, 2014


BT13 Catastrophic Outbreak Sneak Preview and Product Information Each Sneak Preview Participant will receive six (6) packs of BT13 Catastrophic…

BT13 Catastrophic Outbreak (English) Product Information


Legacy of the Valiant Buy Prices have been updated! Sell your copies now and get back cash immediately! Choose store…

Now Buying Legacy of the Valiant Singles!!!


What’s your must add card? Comment Below Evilswarm Exciton Knight LVAL-EN056 Number 101: Silent Honors Ark Knight LVAL-EN047 [Light /…

Evilswarm Exciton Knight vs #101: Silent Honors Ark Knight, what’s your must add card?


JAPANESE (OCG) FORBIDDEN & LIMITED LIST (CHANGES ONLY) Effective February 1, 2014 Cards that are “Forbidden” cannot be used in…

Meanwhile in Japan: OCG Banlist Changes (February 1st 2014)


TD12 Dimensional Brave Kaiser Product Information Battle with the brave warriors of justice in Kenji Mitsusada’s ‘Dimension Police’ deck! Will…

TD12 Dimensional Brave Kaiser (English) Product Information


Next Future Card Buddyfight Trial Decks & Boosters Announced!! BFE-TD03: Dragonic Force releases March 28, 2014 Buddy Police and genius…

BFE-BT02 Cyber Ninja Squad Product Information


Predict the future with Misaki Tokura’s VGE-EB07: Mystical Magus! This exclusive Extra Booster Set for the ‘Oracle Think Tank’ clan contains the cards you require to create a unique deck for the [Battle Sisters] and [Magus] sub factions. Witness the mystical power of the new [Break Ride] unit and seal your opponent’s fate with all new cards and abilities!

EB07 Mystical Magus (English) Product Information

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