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Just got some info from our distributor about Bushiroad’s upcoming plans for Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, and Future Card Buddyfight….

Bushiroad Plans for First Half of 2015


Just received our distributor solicitation and here’s some stats of the upcoming “Premium Gold: Return of the Bling” set! “Last…

Premium Gold: Return of the Bling


Check out the spoiler for Astral Pack 6 which includes a Super Rare reprint of Summoner’s Art, a must have…

Astral Pack 6 Spoiler!


Quick speculation list for BT16 ver.E & BT17 ver.E, sorry for the delay: Basic speculation includes what clan were featured for BT16…

Speculation list for BT16 ver.E & BT17 ver.E

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